animated by angels themselves

All creatures are animated by angelic motion: not that there is a conversion of the angel into an ox or a man, but because God exerts and diffuses his energy in a secret manner, so that no creature is content with his own peculiar vigor, but is animated by angels themselves.

John Calvin suggests this in his Commentary on Ezekiel volume 1 (addressing Ezekiel 10:17). In his Institutes, Calvin delivers many cautionary notes regarding vain and titillating speculation regarding angels (which divine scriptures take for granted but never teach about directly). Regarding possible connections between stars and angels, it should be kept in mind that Calvin was a sober and sophisticated biblical humanist on the cusp of the astronomical revolution. Even in this context, however, Calvin does imply (within the syntax of this question) a parallel between the stars and the “more hidden celestial hosts” behind them:

Moses relates that the heavens and the earth were finished, with all their host; what avails it anxiously to inquire at what time other more hidden celestial hosts than the stars and planets also began to be?

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