on this day spring is fragrant

“On this day spring is fragrant; the new creation dances now.”

O Thomas, thou hast searched out * My wounded limbs with thine own hand; * doubt not of Me Who was wounded * for thee, but have a single mind * with the disciples, and preach Me, * the Living God, to all mankind.

On this day spring is fragrant; * the new creation danceth now; * today the bars have been taken * off of the doors of disbelief, * as the friend Thomas doth cry out: * Thou art my Lord and God.

Exapostilarion of Thomas Sunday (Antiochian)

Also, the homily this morning pointed out that none of the disciples believed in the resurrection when the women reported it to them. Likewise, Christ invited them all to touch Him a week earlier as He met with them for the first time. It was only Thomas, a week later, however, who cried out after touching Christ: “My Lord and my God!”

Finally, our priest reminded us that—regardless of how we were able to celebrate Pascha—it is all still the equally true: Christ is risen, He has overcome death, He has fully reconciled us to God, and He has guaranteed a bodily resurrection to every human across all time.

St. Thomas, Dionisy and his studio, St. Paul Obnorsk (Pavlo-Obnorsky) Monastery, c. 1500.

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