In the first several years of this blog, I only collected favorite passages from books and other written sources under three broad categories. Recently, I have decided to add a fourth category called “my own writing.” However, the collection of favorite passages is still the main purpose of this blog. As a basic discipline—to help me reflect on these passages and to make very basic connections between them—I always place these passages into one of these three categories:

  • Beauty and priests: Has to do with experiencing, seeing, attracting, displaying, enjoying, reverencing, protecting, and preserving qualities such as holiness, purity, glory and beauty. This also involves creating, cleansing, interceding, offering, feasting, thanking and praising within space and time through habitual cycles and patterns. (Neglect or disorder in this category leads to ugliness, blindness and idolatry.)
  • Goodness and kings: Has to do with planing, building, judging and executing with qualities such as wisdom, justice, righteousness and goodness. This also involves contemplation, forethought, understanding of the human condition and a vision of human flourishing. (Neglect or disorder in this category leads to destruction, death and tyranny.)
  • Truth and prophets: Has to do with teaching, demonstrating, confronting, exciting and giving hope with qualities such as insight, integrity, boldness, humility and truthfulness. This also involves learning, engaging, speaking, writing and longing. (Neglect or disorder in this category leads to ignorance, lying, flattery and fear-mongering.)

These three pairs come from lining up the classical triumvirate of ultimate values with the three offices of Adam and Christ (developed extensively across all of the scriptures as the universal and essential human callings). Since these categories are all fundamental to our humanness, most quotations will touch on all three in some respects. However, forcing myself to connect each quotation with just one of these three pairings, helps me to focus and continually order my thoughts. (Some further reading on these categories: here, here, and here.)

~Jesse Hake

2 thoughts on “Categories

  1. Jesse, thanks for letting me know of your site. I am liking what I am seeing here. I like how you are categorizing the human vocation along the three-fold office of prophet, priest, and king. These categories, I believe, really should influence our vision of human anthropology and teleology in God’s plan from the beginning of creation to the present, and into the eschaton (which presently we are participating in to some extent). I hope to develop something along these lines as a vision (in part) of what it means to educate Christianly. Thanks for sharing! (apologies as I have typed on iPod).

  2. Thanks for stopping by. And I’d love to see anything that you develop regarding “what it means to educate Christianly.”

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