He remains in the very thick of it

From Scott Cairns’ book The End of Suffering: Well, the story goes that He has descended into the very thick of it. The story goes that He remains in the very thick of it. In mystical synergia, He collaborates with His Body, now and ever. In appalling condescension, He remains Emmanuel, God with us. Whereas […]

the slow learner continued dancing

Poem by Scott Cairns (published in his collections Theology of Doubt and Compass of Affection): The Theology of Doubt I have come to believe this fickleness of belief is unavoidable. As, for these back lot trees, the annual loss of leaves and fruit is unavoidable. I remember hearing that soft-soap about faith being given only […]

deep within the clay

A nativity poem by Scott Cairns (about the overshadowing of Mary by the Holy Spirit): Deep within the clay, and O my people very deep within the wholly earthen compound of our kind arrives of one clear, star-illumined evening a spark igniting once again the ember of our lately banked noetic fire. She burns but […]

turn in to greet his City’s boundless sweep

From Compass of Affection by Scott Cairns (155). Hidden City …that you might approach the Jerusalem of the heart…                                                      —Isaac the Least And now I think Jerusalem abides untouched, the temple yet intact, its every cornerstone in place, its vault replete with vivid scent, its ark alight with vigil lamps whose oil is never spent. […]

the divine in him contracted to an ache

By Scott Cairns in his “Recovered Body” collection and recently shared here on the Huffington Post. The More Earnest Prayer of Christ And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly… –Luke 22:44 His last prayer in the garden began, as most as his prayers began–in earnest, certainly, but not without distraction, an habitual…what? Distance? […]

the way things were shaping up

YHWH’s Image And YHWH sat in the dust, bone weary after days of strenuous making, during which He, now and again, would pause to consider the way things were shaping up. Time also would pause upon these strange durations; it would lean back on its haunches, close its marble eyes, appear to doze. But when […]

all but invisible through that lavish debris

The Glass Man He is the transparence of the place in which He is… This is where he washed to shore during rough weather in November. We found him in a nest of kelp, salt bladders, other sea wrack— all but invisible through that lavish debris—and we might have passed him by altogether had he […]

we saw the City

City Under Construction As you might suppose, the work was endless. Even when at last the City stood gleaming like flame in the troubled radiance of that distended sun, we could not help but be drawn to where our next project should begin: The loosening bolt, flaking surfaces, another unnerving vibration in the yawning superstructure. […]