He may be approaching our consciousness from behind

To give us the spiritual gift we desire, God may have to begin far back in our spirit, in regions unknown to us, and do much work that we can be aware of only in the results; for our consciousness is to the extent of our being but as the flame of the volcano toContinue reading “He may be approaching our consciousness from behind”

I find some versions of panpsychism quite attractive

David Bentley Hart said in this interview: You don’t need the morphology [of New Testament cosmology] to believe in a spiritually living creation that is full of spiritual life. You know, I’m something of a panpsychist myself. Not in the modern way, in which, you know, you’re supposed to believe that every atom has a kind ofContinue reading “I find some versions of panpsychism quite attractive”

forgive my grief tamed in language

Christian Wiman This Mind of Dying God let me give You now this mind of dying Fevering me back Into consciousness of all I lack And of that consciousness becoming proud: There are keener griefs than God. They come quietly, and in plain daylight, Leaving us with nothing, and the means to feel it. MyContinue reading “forgive my grief tamed in language”