part of the dance the fireflies are dancing

From A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L’Engle:

You human beings tend to want good things to last forever. They don’t. Not while we’re in time.”

“…Let’s feel the twirling of the earth,” Beezie said, “That’s part of the dance the fireflies are dancing, too. Can you feel it?”

Chuck squeezed his eyelids tightly closed. He gave a little gasp. “Oh, Beezie! I felt as though the earth had tilted!” He sat up, clutching at the rock. “It made me dizzy.”

“…It can be a bit scary, being part of earth and stars and fireflies and clouds and rocks. Lie down again. You won’t fall off, I promise.”

circling round you

Then someone gave the great command
All things paired off for the dance
The great to small the small to grand…
The hawk around the field mouse
The love around a lover’s mouth…
The angels round their crowded pins
The amber-waved electrons spin
In planetary transits
Round the ones they’re bound to…
The ghost around the one it haunts
The want around the thing it wants…
Love or gravity or law
Whatever name it’s got it’s got me
Circling round you

From Josh Ritter’s song “Orbital” from his album So Runs the World Away. (I realized that I already posted some lines from this song a while back.)