inscribed deep within the Earth

This passage comes after a description of the noetic pursuit of transcendent truth by all of the Greek philosophers, upward and away from the earth. This central theme of noetic ascent is summarized (with appreciation) from the Presocratics through Aristotle, before Foltz turns to incarnation: Into this trajectory of restless, almost obsessive, transcendence comes theContinue reading “inscribed deep within the Earth”

A Brief Christian History of the Cosmos (with Some Defense and Exposition)

Christians claim that we live in a damaged world, although it still reveals to us an undamaged reality beyond and within. Growing up in a Christian home, I lived constantly with the idea that our brokenness is obvious and that all the beauty and wonder of this world speaks to us ceaselessly of a goodnessContinue reading “A Brief Christian History of the Cosmos (with Some Defense and Exposition)”

a non-existent country, with laws alien to earth and man

The Return of the Exile George Seferis (translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard) ‘My old friend, what are you looking for?After years abroad you’ve come backwith images you’ve nourishedunder foreign skiesfar from you own country.’ ‘I’m looking for my old garden;the trees come to my waistand the hills resemble terracesyet as a childI usedContinue reading “a non-existent country, with laws alien to earth and man”

for creation to become like the burning bush

Robert Wright (journalist and author of several books who has said that God is a figment of the human imagination but also that he is not an atheist) interviewed David Bentley Hart on his video blogging channel (The Wright Show, posted here on YouTube, Feb 26, 2020). Wright did an excellent job of keeping HartContinue reading “for creation to become like the burning bush”

the strength of the hills is not ours

C.S. Lewis in a letter to Arthur Greeves, 22 June 1930: Tolkien once remarked to me that the feeling about home must have been quite different in the days when a family had fed on the produce of the same few miles of country for six generations, and that perhaps this was why they sawContinue reading “the strength of the hills is not ours”

teaching long of rest and waiting

These are thoughts that I put down as I sat with my Grandma and other family members near the end of my Grandma’s life. She was in her own bedroom and surrounded by loved ones: My body holds me closer hourly It will have me know it fully before I’m fully known Jacob wrestled theContinue reading “teaching long of rest and waiting”

not a globe thousands of kilometers around

…And following that train of thought led him back to Earth, back to the quiet hours in the center of the clear water ringed by a bowl of tree-covered hills. That is the Earth, he thought. Not a globe thousands of kilometers around, but a forest with a shining lake, a house hidden at theContinue reading “not a globe thousands of kilometers around”

just sitting there multiplying the feel of the wind by two

Boughton says he has more ideas of heaven every day. He said, “Mainly I just think about the splendors of the world and multiply by two. I’d multiply by ten or twelve if I had the energy. But two is much more than sufficient for my purposes.” So he’s just sitting there multiplying the feelContinue reading “just sitting there multiplying the feel of the wind by two”