who can only be as evil as we are ourselves

Art, to be sure, has its roots in the lives of human beings: the weakness, the strength, the absurdity. I doubt that it is limited to our comrades; since we have discovered that art does not belong to what was once the aristocracy, it does not therefore follow that it has become the exclusive propertyContinue reading “who can only be as evil as we are ourselves”

she had no more dangerous enemies than us

“Did we really do these things to her?” I asked. “Yes. All here’s true.” “And we said we loved her.” “And we did. She had no more dangerous enemies than us. And in that far distant day when the gods become wholly beautiful, or we at last are shown how beautiful they always were, thisContinue reading “she had no more dangerous enemies than us”

the ways in which they unsettle us

One could dare say that a man’s friends do more harm to his soul than his enemies. The Lord Himself said, ‘A man’s foes, shall be they of his own household’ (Matthew 10:36; Micah 7:6). Those who live under the same roof with us, and who are so concerned for our bodily needs and comfort,Continue reading “the ways in which they unsettle us”