we cared little for what lay beyond

Long have we tended our beasts and our fields, built our houses, wrought our tools, or ridden away to help in the wars of Minas Tirith. And that we called the life of Men, the way of the world. We cared little for what lay beyond the borders of our land. Songs we have toContinue reading “we cared little for what lay beyond”

worth taking a long time to say

Great passage on naming and language from The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien: “Who calls you hobbits, though? That does not sound elvish to me. Elves made all the old words: they began it.” “Nobody else calls us hobbits; we call ourselves that,” said Pippin. “Hoom, humm! Come now! Not so hasty! You call yourselvesContinue reading “worth taking a long time to say”