the self-giving of more being than you can comprehend

By Lindsey Brigham (in a blog post here): The disproportion between preparation and presentation dislodges our priorities to sharpen our dulled values. Our cultural context presses us to prioritize the moment of satisfaction and to scorn the time of waiting. We celebrate Christmas without Advent and wish for instant Thanksgiving dinner. …The depth of ourContinue reading “the self-giving of more being than you can comprehend”

that trinity of eating, drinking and praying

Dickens had in his buffoonery and bravery the spirit of the Middle Ages. He was much more mediaeval in his attacks on medievalism than they were in their defences of it. It was he who had the things of Chaucer, the love of large jokes and long stories and brown ale and all the whiteContinue reading “that trinity of eating, drinking and praying”

you that love the feasts

Glorious Nicholas, the holy preacher of Christ, you are the great and fervent protector of those in danger, those on land and sea, far off or near; for you are a most compassionate and mighty intercessor. Therefore, as we assemble, we cry aloud:// “Pray to the Lord that we may be delivered from all danger!”Continue reading “you that love the feasts”

a store of real wealth which cannot be consumed

The soul of leisure, it can be said, lies in “celebration.” Celebration is the point at which the three elements of leisure come to a focus: relaxation, effortlessness, and superiority of “active leisure” to all functions. But if celebration is the core of leisure, then leisure can only be made possible and justifiable on theContinue reading “a store of real wealth which cannot be consumed”