a flame to lay down

I was encouraged to rewrite this poem that I wrote recently: Your body holds you tighter hourly. Jacob wrestled the Lord’s angel. You have your gasped breaths and throbbing heart. This morning, your eyes bring less daylight, and you have let go, almost, of saying. This less of sight, less of hearing, heralds more. Today’sContinue reading “a flame to lay down”

emanating itself in grief and guilt and joy and whatever else

When people come to speak to me, whatever they say, I am struck by a kind of incandescence in them, the “I” whose predicate can be “love” or “fear” or “want,” and whose object can be “something” or “nothing” and it won’t really matter, because the loveliness is just in that presence, shaped around “I”Continue reading “emanating itself in grief and guilt and joy and whatever else”