wisdom is found on the desolate hillside

From “The Story of El-ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of InlĂ©” (chapter 31) in Watership Down: A Novel by Richard Adams: El-ahrairah went along the hedgerow to the wood and sat alone under a nut bush, looking out across the fields. As the light began to fail, he suddenly realized that Lord Frith was closeContinue reading “wisdom is found on the desolate hillside”

some found this by far the most amusing part

The King of the Gold Mines was not less noble and splendid; it was easy to see by his face how happy he was, and everyone who went near him returned loaded with presents, for all round the great banqueting hall had been arranged a thousand barrels full of gold, and numberless bags made ofContinue reading “some found this by far the most amusing part”