the cross of the thief who was crucified next to Him

No one can live without sin, few know how to repent in such a way that their sins are washed as white as fleece, but there is one thing which we all can do; when we can neither avoid sin, nor repent truly, we can then bear the burden of sin, bear it patiently, bear […]

forgive my grief tamed in language

Christian Wiman This Mind of Dying God let me give You now this mind of dying Fevering me back Into consciousness of all I lack And of that consciousness becoming proud: There are keener griefs than God. They come quietly, and in plain daylight, Leaving us with nothing, and the means to feel it. My […]

fashions in sensibility

Dorothy Sayers, in the introduction to her translation of The Song of Roland, describes the contemporary notion of manly strength in contrast to the weeping and fainting of Emperor Charlemagne. Her reference of the “tough guy” with a cigarette brings to mind Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca: Here too, I think we must not […]