true beauty is not the idea of the beautiful

David Bentley Hart (The Beauty of the Infinite, pp. 176-177): The harmony of Father and Son is not the absolute music of an undifferentiated noise, but the open, diverse, and complete polyphony of Father, Son, and Spirit. …The most elemental statement of theological aesthetics is that God is beautiful: not only that God is beautyContinue reading “true beauty is not the idea of the beautiful”

the unimpeded movement of the most perfect impulse towards the most perfect object

From “Imagination and Thought in the Middle Ages” by C.S. Lewis, first delivered as a lecture in 1956, the piece was published posthumously in the 1966 collection of essays called Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature: Go out on any starry night and walk alone for half an hour, resolutely assuming that pre-Copernican astronomy isContinue reading “the unimpeded movement of the most perfect impulse towards the most perfect object”

your struggle and your suffering is the same as everyone else’s

On Old Ideas, Cohen sang of wanting to write “a manual for living with defeat.” Cohen says: I wish I could really come up with something ’cos we are all really living with defeat and failure and disappointment and bewilderment, these dark forces that modify our lives. Everyone is engaged in a mighty struggle forContinue reading “your struggle and your suffering is the same as everyone else’s”

broken Hallelujah

A couple lines from Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I heard it recently from a friend and teacher. With several versions during Cohen’s long career and recordings by some 50 artists, the lyrics seem to vary slightly each time. It’s not the laughter of someone who claims to have seen the light No, it’s a cold, andContinue reading “broken Hallelujah”

sounds of the harp

Beowulf, translated by Frederick Rebsamen, lines 99 to 107: They lived brightly   on the benches of Heorot caught up in laughter   till a creature brought them fear in the night   an infernal hall-guest. Grendel circled   sounds of the harp prowled the marshes   moors and ice-streams forests and fens.   He found his home with misshapen monsters   in misery and greed. The Shaper banishedContinue reading “sounds of the harp”