heirs of a culture that sprang from Peter’s tears

“The Face of the Faceless” (chapter 13 in Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies, Yale UP, 2009) by David Bentley Hart is a beautiful chapter in a profound book. Read it if you have not. Here’s an extended excerpt: All four of the canonical Gospels tell the tale of the apostle Peter’sContinue reading “heirs of a culture that sprang from Peter’s tears”

so named for Peter

Names never cease to amaze me. In the hands of this poet, two familiar stories flow out of one simple name, each informing the other. Petrel So named for Peter, the one who tried to walk on water. The Storm Petrel, small as a sparrow with a frantic, pulsing flight, stays silent at sea, patteringContinue reading “so named for Peter”