God—sheltered by humanity

Elizabeth After a lifetime outcast as childless, she gave home to one who should not have been with child. God—sheltered by humanity—first heard welcome from two women proclaiming over unborn children. Still questioned by her kin, speaking her child’s name, they called to confirm it with her silenced husband. Her boy “grew and became strongContinue reading “God—sheltered by humanity”

a flame to lay down

I was encouraged to rewrite this poem that I wrote recently: Your body holds you tighter hourly. Jacob wrestled the Lord’s angel. You have your gasped breaths and throbbing heart. This morning, your eyes bring less daylight, and you have let go, almost, of saying. This less of sight, less of hearing, heralds more. Today’sContinue reading “a flame to lay down”

the divine in him contracted to an ache

By Scott Cairns in his “Recovered Body” collection and recently shared here on the Huffington Post. The More Earnest Prayer of Christ And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly… –Luke 22:44 His last prayer in the garden began, as most as his prayers began–in earnest, certainly, but not without distraction, an habitual…what? Distance?Continue reading “the divine in him contracted to an ache”

a few lilies blow

Heaven—Haven A nun takes the veil       I HAVE desired to go       Where springs not fail, To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail     And a few lilies blow.     And I have asked to be       Where no storms come, Where the green swell is in the havens dumb,     And out of the swing ofContinue reading “a few lilies blow”

the way things were shaping up

YHWH’s Image And YHWH sat in the dust, bone weary after days of strenuous making, during which He, now and again, would pause to consider the way things were shaping up. Time also would pause upon these strange durations; it would lean back on its haunches, close its marble eyes, appear to doze. But whenContinue reading “the way things were shaping up”

where you want your slave to go

Good stuff from an honest man. These are the lyrics to another Leonard Cohen song from his album Old Ideas. “Show Me The Place” by Leonard Cohen Show me the place Where you want your slave to go Show me the place I’ve forgotten I don’t know Show me the place For my head isContinue reading “where you want your slave to go”

all but invisible through that lavish debris

The Glass Man He is the transparence of the place in which He is… This is where he washed to shore during rough weather in November. We found him in a nest of kelp, salt bladders, other sea wrack— all but invisible through that lavish debris—and we might have passed him by altogether had heContinue reading “all but invisible through that lavish debris”

we saw the City

City Under Construction As you might suppose, the work was endless. Even when at last the City stood gleaming like flame in the troubled radiance of that distended sun, we could not help but be drawn to where our next project should begin: The loosening bolt, flaking surfaces, another unnerving vibration in the yawning superstructure.Continue reading “we saw the City”