doth seek now with tears thy help to worship

So much to ponder in these ancient hymns of the Orthodox Church. I’m particularly struck by the repeated consideration given near the end of this hymn to the danger and difficulty of responding aloud to God’s revelation of Himself with “well-balanced songs of praise.” (Purchase an MP3 recording of this here, and see more ancientContinue reading “doth seek now with tears thy help to worship”

I could not make anything of it

“Listen to the wheel,” said the voice which had already grown dear to Curdie: its very tone was precious like a jewel, not as a jewel, for no jewel could compare with it in preciousness. …”Ma’am,” said Curdie, “I did try hard for a while, but I could not make anything of it.” “Oh, yes,Continue reading “I could not make anything of it”