fills the young person’s head with the sound of voices

The poet, Plato writes in Phaedra, “clothes all the great deeds accomplished by the men of old with glory, and thus educates those who come after.” The poet’s myth teaches the Ideal Type by example, not by precept, and allows the student through his imagination to participate in the past, partaking of the Ideal. OftenContinue reading “fills the young person’s head with the sound of voices”

valor lies in bed listening to the rain

Rereading a wonderful passage on the virtues from Chesterton recently, I was reminded of Billy Collins’ poem “The Death of Allegory.” Collins has a little different take than Chesterton on the virtues in their modern plight, but both are well worth reflection. [Please disregard Chesterton’s slightly incidental disparagement of the Protestant Reformation in the openingContinue reading “valor lies in bed listening to the rain”