Top 25 Posts

Note: these are as of March 2019 with the most popular listed first.

  1. Response to Walter Wink’s book Naming the Powers
  2. Myrrh, Mercy, and Oil: Deciding What to Do with It All
  3. Christ in Fairyland
  4. signs of nobleness, like stars, shall shine
  5. Tips I’ve Heard About How to Pray and Worship in an Orthodox Church
  6. the world is like an oilpress
  7. On the Death and Birth of Aragorn
  8. to believe in a spiritually living creation that is full of spiritual life
  9. idleness implies a catholic appetite
  10. a secret weapon within our divine image
  11. there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach
  12. Learning to Laugh with Angels
  13. Building Folklore Wealth
  14. Honor all Matter and Venerate It
  15. Life from Inside of Death
  16. responsibility to one’s neighbor
  17. airy abeles set on a flare
  18. an offering for the Dryads
  19. On Life and Motherhood
  20. a bunch of royal dead guys
  21. a meditation on brokenness
  22. A Letter to Lupin and Tonks (and Their Reply)
  23. Angels rent the House next ours
  24. watch over your own deceitfulness
  25. teaching long of rest and waiting
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